2016 · Geneva · Geneva-on-the-Lake · Wing Wednesday · Wings

High Tide (Wing Night Tuesday)

I know what you’re thinking, it was suppose to be Wing Night Wednesday. I get it, it flows better, but not everything works out that way. This weeks wing presentation comes to you on a Tuesday, at High Tide located down at Geneva-on-the-Lake! A trip down to Geneva-on-the-Lake becomes something very routine for us Genevans… Continue reading High Tide (Wing Night Tuesday)

2015 · Geneva-on-the-Lake · Wing Wednesday · Wings

Wing Night Wednesday! @ Sportsterz Bar and Grill

Tonight, “Wing Night Wednesday” takes a trip down to Geneva-on-the-Lake! Known quite well for being a “biker bar”, Sportsterz Bar and Grill is a hidden gem in the food world of Ashtabula County. The three top choices for food at Sportsterz are burgers, pizza, and the reason for tonight’s post: wings. Sportsterz has a wooden… Continue reading Wing Night Wednesday! @ Sportsterz Bar and Grill