2016 · Dessert · Geneva-on-the-Lake

Isaac’s Crepes, Funnel Cakes and More!

One of our favorite spots to grab food at is back in business for the summer: Geneva-on-the-Lake (GOTL)! It is always fun to see how many tourists come down through during the summer, compared to how quiet the lake gets during the Winter. Nonetheless, GOTL is back in full swing and we hope you’ll head down… Continue reading Isaac’s Crepes, Funnel Cakes and More!

2016 · Geneva · Geneva-on-the-Lake · Wing Wednesday · Wings

High Tide (Wing Night Tuesday)

I know what you’re thinking, it was suppose to be Wing Night Wednesday. I get it, it flows better, but not everything works out that way. This weeks wing presentation comes to you on a Tuesday, at High Tide located down at Geneva-on-the-Lake! A trip down to Geneva-on-the-Lake becomes something very routine for us Genevans… Continue reading High Tide (Wing Night Tuesday)

2015 · Geneva-on-the-Lake · Wing Wednesday · Wings

Wing Night Wednesday! @ Sportsterz Bar and Grill

Tonight, “Wing Night Wednesday” takes a trip down to Geneva-on-the-Lake! Known quite well for being a “biker bar”, Sportsterz Bar and Grill is a hidden gem in the food world of Ashtabula County. The three top choices for food at Sportsterz are burgers, pizza, and the reason for tonight’s post: wings. Sportsterz has a wooden… Continue reading Wing Night Wednesday! @ Sportsterz Bar and Grill