2016 · Ashtabula Harbor · Bridge Street · Restaurant Week

Ashtabula Harbor Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week Winter style is headed for the Ashtabula Harbor January 18th through 24th. My boyfriend and I visited Rennick Meat Market for the summer restaurant week and loved it and are excited for visit some more places during the winter week! I was able to hear from Jennifer Pociask, co-owner of Rennick Meat Market… Continue reading Ashtabula Harbor Restaurant Week

2015 · Ashtabula · Ashtabula Harbor · Bridge Street

Guest Blog – Bascule Bridge Grille

One of the goals of this project was to get other citizens of Ashtabula County involved by way of guest blogs. We were pleased to hear from Kerri Mongenel about interest in the our blog. Take a look at Kerri’s experience at Bascule Bridge Grille! Discovering the many wonderful restaurants in Ashtabula County has become one… Continue reading Guest Blog – Bascule Bridge Grille

2015 · Ashtabula · Ashtabula Harbor · Bridge Street · Burgers

Grindhouse Gourmet Burgers

I’m not a huge burger person- give me pizza or some tacos and I’m set. However, a few weeks ago after visiting Rennick Meat Market for brunch (don’t worry there will be a post soon) my boyfriend and our friends roamed Bridge Street we stumbled upon the new Grindhouse Gourmet Burgers. The boys looked at the menu… Continue reading Grindhouse Gourmet Burgers