2018 · Ashtabula · Going Local

Going Local: Understanding Local Foods

We have teamed up with the Courtney at the Community Harvest Food Hub to bring you information on how to eat local and to connect our readers with local farmers. Check them out on Facebook or on their website. Over the last decade, Northeast Ohio has seen an explosion in interest in local food –… Continue reading Going Local: Understanding Local Foods

2017 · Ashtabula Harbor · Burgers

Guest Blog: Date Night on Bridge Street

My husband and I went to Marianne’s Chocolate tonight which is located on Bridge Street, in the Ashtabula Harbor, for some of their Chocolate Covered Strawberries. OMG- They are to die for! They do them for Valentine’s Day and other romantic holidays. You get 6 for $12 which isn’t bad for hand dipped strawberries. I am… Continue reading Guest Blog: Date Night on Bridge Street