Where Have We Been?

Hey everyone! Wow, has it been a while. We never intended to take this much time off, but life has gotten in the way of some of the plans we had for this blog. I (Tyler) moved to Willoughby back in November in order to be closer to work and further professional opportunities. While my love for Ashtabula County is still very strong this is a move that I had to make. As for Kari she moved, got a new job, and had a baby!! So life got in the way of the blog for both of us.

So what does that mean for us? Well, it means our outreach to the amazing restaurants of our county is limited. I still try to make it to Geneva at least once a week, but that is not always an opportunity to check out a new restaurant. So with that, we need your help!

Guest posts have always been something that we wanted to make a large part of our community, because without you this whole thing does not work. We will be making a more apparent effort to post regularly to our Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram still!

Please reach out to Kari & I with any questions or opportunities you feel you can bring to the table (pun intended)!

You are what makes this worth it and why we love what we do.

Email: eatinginashtabula@gmail.com

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