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Guest Blog: Harbor Halcyon

Long time no chat, at least not on the blog itself! Our blog has been neglected these last 6 months as a lot of new things happened for our family (Kari got married). We have not forgotten about our blog and have a lot in store for 2018! This quest blog post comes from Nate Meyer who is a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’. Kari has known Nate since she was a sophomore in high school and helped with the Geneva wrestling team while Nate was a part of the Jefferson wrestling team! Please enjoy Nate’s post on the new Harbor Halcyon!

I love food.  I enjoy cooking delicious foods almost as much as I enjoy eating delicious foods.  As a “man of sizable proportions,” I like to think I have plenty of experience in the culinary world.  That being said, my wife and I often enjoy going on “date nights” to restaurants around the area.  We both like to try new places, and enjoy keeping it local and giving our patronage to locally-owned places.  A few months ago my wife discovered a new place on Bridge Street in the Ashtabula Harbor called Harbor Halcyon.  It quickly became her new favorite place:  I think she’s been there more without me than with me!  So after having to hear about how great it was time and time again, I decided that I needed to go with her and check it out for myself…
We went for lunch on a Sunday afternoon, and as soon as we walked in the door I knew it would be an enjoyable experience.  The word “halcyon” has another meaning other than a cozy little place on Bridge Street:  it denotes a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.  This restaurant definitely gives off this aura.  Great music playing, a few couches for more relaxed seating, and even decks of cards on the table which I thought was something different and fun.
After a few selections from their great assortment of wines, cocktails, beers and ciders, it was time to order our food.  My wife ordered the Black and Blue Burger.  Of course I had to take a bite, and I was not disappointed.  The burger was nice and juicy, served blackened and cooked to a perfect medium, and served with hot sauce and blue cheese. She also ordered a side of onion rings which were very good, and chose their Zinger wing sauce for dipping.  The sauce was very good: a nice mixture of hot sauce and Cajun seasonings, which tasted very good with the onion rings.  For my meal, I chose (with the help of our server and bartender), the Hey Pig Burger.  This burger, also cooked to a perfectly juicy medium, was topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, thin onion straws, house-made BBQ sauce, and a fried egg!  If you find yourself considering this burger and are skeptical of the fried egg on the burger, DON’T BE!  The egg added a very nice touch and made it a perfect sandwich for Sunday brunch.  Now for the rest of the toppings: one thing I always consider when I order a burger is how many of the toppings fall off the sandwich while I’m eating.  Maybe it’s just me, but I like to eat my burger toppings on the burger, not with a fork off my plate after the sandwich is gone.  Let me tell you, this burger was PERFECT!!!  Just the right amount of toppings on this sandwich.  You could still taste every component of the burger, without having them all over the plate and your hands.  The house-made BBQ sauce was delicious, and the onion straws were thin and crispy which added a nice crunch and flavor to the burger; and who doesn’t love bacon and cheddar cheese?!?!?!  I also ordered their Truffle Parmesan Fries which were amazing, and a side of house-made gravy for dipping which was very good (because a good gravy is the glue that holds the culinary world together!).  Overall, both of our meals were amazing and cooked perfectly.

If you have not been here, it is a must-see in the area.  The owners are great, the servers and bartenders are amazing, the prices are very reasonable, and the food is fantastic… what more do you need?!  They always have live music playing, and definitely gives a nice place to relax on a couch, play cards with friends, and hear good music… all while eating good food!  Definitely one of my new favorites.


Happy Eating!  -Nate

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