Geneva On the Lake Brewing Company

This past weekend the girlfriend and I decided to head down to Geneva on the Lake for an early lunch with a view, and that place for us was Geneva on the Lake Brewing Company! We had been down once before for wings (which were amazing), but this trip was for a meal that was a little less messy.

When we got down to the lake, it was a pleasure to see that business is coming back now that the strip is open! It is always strange even to someone who has lived in Geneva their whole life, how big the 180 is on the amount of people from one weekend to the next. Luckily we were able to find a spot near GOTL Brewing Co. Luckily the east end of the strip was not too busy yet, so we were able to get a seat on the back patio with an amazing view

For starters, we got some beer (duh), and the nachos appetizer. Stephanie got a flight featuring two of GotL Brew Co’s own beers, which were a lager, and an ale. Both were delicious and definitely were brews I could see myself going back for sometime very soon! The nachos were a heap of deliciousness that made almost forget that I had a full meal coming shortly.


For my meal I decided to go with their Cuban sandwich (extra pickles of course), and Stephanie got the mac & cheese with lobster. I tend to get Cuban sandwiches when I go to restaurants and to be quite honest, this may be one of the best I have had, The welcome addition of bacon the the mounds of pork just made all of it that much better. Every bite that I took brought a new taste to my mouth, and honestly I may turn into “that guy” and always get this sandwich when I stop down. Stephanie really enjoyed her mac & cheese, and could not stop complimenting how great the lobster tasted!


Overall we had an amazing experience. Not only is this a place to go to on a Friday night to get a drink, but it is also a very nice place to take the family to for dinner and some drinks! I definitely plan on taking my parents down this summer so that they can try it out, and so should you!





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