2017 · Jefferson · Mexican

Pueblo Real

I have a real love for tacos. I could have a taco at every meal I think. When I heard about the new Mexican restaurant I knew I needed to try it out. It took us a bit to go but I am glad we went! A coworker of mine is the one who got me pretty interested in trying out Pueblo Real in Jefferson. She told me all about their great atmosphere, friendly staff, and margaritas!

You are served chips and salsa PLUS coleslaw. I have never had this happen before. Does anyone know why? We ordered the queso fundido for an appetizer. The fundido is a cheese dip mixed with chorizo! We got our food before this came out. It was good and I am glad we got it.

For dinner, I ordered the Chori Polo which is chicken and chorizo with some warm tortillas. I really like this at another local place so I decided to see if it compared. It didn’t but it was still good. Honestly, I should have tried something different at this new place.

Tristan ordered the enchiladas verdes. Sorry no photos, the Mr. likes to eat not take photos 😉 He liked his meal but didn’t love it.

Overall Pueblo Real was a great choice for a date night but we both should have tried something different. Our meal total was just $30 so it was a pretty cheap night out. We will be back, hopefully on a Tuesday for ‘Ladies Night’ with cheap margaritas!

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