Guest Blog Post: Tony’s Dog House

Last Thursday night we went for dinner at Tony’s Dog House, located 528 Lake Ave in Ashtabula just before Bridge Street.

Tony, the owner, is always there to greet you with a smile and ask how your da is going, he is such a wonderful person.

There are TVs in the restaurant and they are willing to watch whatever the crowd wants (we got to watch part of Frozen and parts of Battleship). You always want to stay the whole movie with everyone…. but anyway, the food!

I ordered the meatball sandwich. Tt comes with parmesan and aged provolone and I have the left over from Wednesday potato bacon soup.  The sandwich is always so cheesy and good. You can get a sandwich and soup for just 8.99.

My husband got Tony’s shaved steak with aged provolone and Thursdays Italian wedding soup. Tony has different soups every day.

Oh, and to drink you can be a kid like me and order a slush puppy with 10 different flavors available.


…till next time…. Sandi

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