2017 · Ashtabula Harbor · Burgers

Guest Blog: Date Night on Bridge Street

My husband and I went to Marianne’s Chocolate tonight which is located on Bridge Street, in the Ashtabula Harbor, for some of their Chocolate Covered Strawberries.


OMG- They are to die for! They do them for Valentine’s Day and other romantic holidays. You get 6 for $12 which isn’t bad for hand dipped strawberries. I am always surprised on what they have from fudge to bark to dark and milk chocolates.

For dinner, we went to Grind House Gourmet Burgers which is also located on Bridge Street. They are a small, personal restaurant where the waiters and waitresses are always great and you have a wonderful view of the Ashtabula Lift Bridge.


cheesburger-soup.jpgAnyways we ordered their baked beer cheeseburger soup to share. This is a beer cheese soup made with ground beef topped with a toasted bun with melted cheddar. It was our first time having cheeseburger soup and was great! It was like having a cheeseburger on a spoon…and an 8oz bowl is only $3.49!

For our meals, I got the Philly which comes with swiss, mushrooms, and caramelized onions for only $7.99. I added extra mushrooms for only $.99- love the messiness of the sandwich. My husband ordered the Fig Pig (love the name), it has fig relish pork belly caramelized onions and goat cheese for only $8.48. He said it has a sweet and savory taste. He also added their homemade horseradish coleslaw for only $.99 which if you like horseradish you need to get it! It’s a coleslaw without the vinegar taste. I’m not one to go out my comfort zone for it but he does order it every time we go to Grind House.

We are hoping one day make it through their menu but we always get side tracked on one of their specials. So hopefully my next blog will include one of those!

Thank you for your time and remember to support local!

…till next time…. Sandi


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