2016 · Ashtabula · Italian · Pasta

Alessandro’s Restaurant

A couple weekends back, I decided to go out to dinner with the lady. I was not sure where to go, but I wanted to try something new. For years I’ve been driving down Lake Road to head to the Harbor, but I never thought to stop. This is what brought us to dine at Alessandro’s.

Alessandro’s ALESS1sits on the south side of Lake Road in Ashtabula, facing Lake Erie. While it may be a small location, it surely makes up for it in flavor. We started out our meal with a glass of wine each! While I am not a huge fan of dry wines, this one turned out to be spectacular! I also tend to pick the same meals over and over when I go to an Italian location (usually lasagna, I can’t resist). Instead I decided to try something new! So, I decided to go with the carbonara pasta! I also added grilled chicken to it which turned out to be amazing. From the first bite I knew that Alessandro’s was the Italian eatery I needed in my life! While it may be surprising to some, I have actually never had a carbonara sauce before, so it was definitely something new for me.

Right away you could taste the hard work that goes into good food. From the first step in to the restaurant, you can see the kitchen clear as day, so you can see all that goes into making their delicious meals. Each bite brought a different aspect of the taste spectrum for me. You instantly got the creamy texture that comes from the egg base in the sauce, then you get the smooth, buttery taste of the noodle, and then comes the savory taste from the grilled chicken. All of these senses combining put me in the perfect mood for the night!

Stephanie got the mushroom ravioli, and told me right away that it was some of the best she has ever had! I am so glad to be able to show people new places to eat that they will love, as well as myself! I feel like I have committed a sin all of these years never stopping down. Now I know that I need to take my parents down sometime in the near future!

Not only would I suggest stopping down to try it out if you have not already, I would also suggest checking out about their history, which truly makes me proud to call Ashtabula County home!

Alessandro’s Restaurant | Facebook

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