2016 · Jefferson · Pizza

Colucci’s Pizza

13310555_1843150072582847_8505368464059115523_nMy boyfriend worked in Jefferson and would mention this amazing pizza often. Colucci’s Pizza. Being in his top 2 favorite pizza places (the other you ask? Luigis), I knew we had to have it!

I’ve wanted to try it for so long but we never made the effort to go. Not too long ago I had a meeting in Jefferson so I decided it was time.

I was easily able to order it for a specific time and they were very happy to do so. I placed my order- large pepperoni and extra cheese, their garlic pizza with black olives, and some garlic cheese sticks.

I came back and he warned me that the bottoms were hot! They were!! I brought the 13344695_1843150192582835_1910627745676582722_npizza home and we dug in (after photos of course). For the price, we did wish the pizza could have been bigger.

The pizza was very good and I’m happy we finally were able to grab some for dinner. I have a thing for the crust to sauce ratio and this was exactly what I like. I really like that the cheese and the toppings go all the way to the edge of the crust.

I want to make sure to to warn people thought- the large here is about the size of a medium at your typical chain pizza restaurants. If you have a larger family you might want to grab two large pizzas.



Next time I’d really like to get the Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza. Three things I like a lot all rolled onto pizza. Oh- and also the dessert calzone! Sounds amazing!

I think we will be seeing Colucci’s Pizza in our near future!

Colucci’s Pizza

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