2016 · Ashtabula Harbor · Coffee · Local Food

Harbor Perk

I LOVE coffee. I’ve been a Starbucks Gold Member since 2011 and a Dunkin Donuts frequent flyer. While these chains are great places there really is nothing quite like a hometown, local coffee shop.

While I love my hometown coffee shop, Scribblers, there is something about Harbor Perk that reminds me of living in NYC. Harbor Perk is located in the Historic Ashtabula Harbor at 1003 Bridge Street.

‘The Perk’ is a coffeehouse and roaster and their coffee varieties vary by season. The roaster is in the middle of the shop which is really cool because you can watch them roast or just look at the beautiful roasters (I have a weird love of these cool pieces of equipment).

They also provided other specialty drinks, locally baked goods (not sure the exact person who they partner with but they are some very amazing treats- if you know who they partner with please let us know), frozen coffee drinks, and all fruit smoothies.

I love to make the trip to The Harbor and enjoy a nice (sugar free) vanilla soy latte while getting some work done. One of the nice things about Harbor Perk is that they are open from 7 AM until 7 PM every day. I really enjoy the long time frame they offer customers because my local coffee shop doesn’t have the best hours.

2015-05-17 11.07.50I also love the partnership with one of my favorite places, Rennick Meat Market, that Harbor Perk has. When you order coffee from Rennick’s it is Harbor Perk coffee! I just love that!

I highly recommend Harbor Perk to any and everyone- even if you aren’t a coffee drinker (Just make sure you aren’t sitting at a table that a group uses every day, even if you don’t know, you will know shortly after their arrival).







Harbor Perk Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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