2016 · Geneva · Geneva-on-the-Lake · Wing Wednesday · Wings

High Tide (Wing Night Tuesday)

I know what you’re thinking, it was suppose to be Wing Night Wednesday. I get it, it flows better, but not everything works out that way. This weeks wing presentation comes to you on a Tuesday, at High Tide located down at Geneva-on-the-Lake!

A trip down to Geneva-on-the-Lake becomes something very routine for us Genevans during the summer time to get awesome food, but some of our favorite spots are open year around, and High Tide just happens to be one of them. To me a good chicken wing comes in a solid size, some crunchiness, and awesome sauces. High Tide easily meets all of these criteria. With sauces from very spicy, and some sweet, High Tide has all the flavors that a wing lover cherishes. Personally, I like a little spicy flavor to my wings, and you bet you’ll find them here!

11180950_1812038132360708_5477640840083962921_n (1)On wing night at High Tide, wings are 55 cents apiece, or 65 cents apiece for take out. This is a solid deal that you simply do not find most places. For my wings I decided on medium wings as well as garlic! The medium sauce packed a solid slap of spiciness, but not too much to still get the amazing flavors put in to the sauce. The garlic also hit the spot (also, if you have a bunch of sauce on one of your wings, do not be afraid to dip different wings in the other sauce, trust me).


High Tide also has a bunch of other awesome food choices that I have had in the past, ranging from burgers, to other delicious meals. Something else I enjoyed with my wings was a Bud Light, which always goes well with wings, especially if you are venturing into the spicy territory.

Overall High Tide is high (pun intended) on my list of favorite wing joints in Ashtabula County (or anywhere for that matter). If you find yourself down at the strip this summer and need somewhere to feed, or somewhere to quench your thirst (responsibly), I would high suggest stopping down at High Tide!

You can find High Tide on Facebook

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