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The Hot Spot Family Restaurant

Being from Ashtabula County, there is one thing that you will always understand: the county is huge. The biggest county in the state of Ohio by size, many of our food treasure get hidden. With the help of you, our followers, we were able to discover one of these hidden gems: The Hot Spot Family Restaurant located in Andover.


Some of my favorite places to eat are typically joints that feel very “homey” to me. Maybe a fire place, some nice structural features, and the works. I would have to say that Hot Spot definitely met that criteria for me. Located just about 45 minutes from our hometown of Geneva, Hot Spot was definitely worth the drive for Kari and I.

One of my favorite parts about Hot Spot was their variety of meals. Anything from chicken and dumplings to burgers or wings, they had it. For our appetizer we got the Stuffed Spuds, which was a deep fried treat, with potatoes, cheese, and jalapenos! The jalapenos were more for flavor in this dish and not so much for the heat (although the heat would not have bothered me, I could not have said the same for Kari!). The spuds were awesome! Deep fried treats are always a solid way to go for me, and this cheddar packed potato hit the spot.

For my meal, I ordered Hot Spot’s signature burger, the Hot Spot burger! The burger is certified Angus beef (yum), so you know that you are getting quality meat. The toppings were bacon (who cares what studies say, right?), onions, and barbecue sauce. The first bite I took, I was already impressed. While the burger was not massive in size, it was massive in taste. You could taste all the juiciness from the beef right at the first bite, which is the key to a solid burger.

Overall I would say that we had a solid trip out to Andover. Along the way we discovered some of the other “hidden treasures” of the county, and hope to be able to frequently make it out to South County and bring you awesome blog posts featuring your favorite spots!


A down side to doing a food blog on Ashtabula County is the size of our county. We have a huge county and it is hard to know what is on the other end of the county. But a positive to the blog is our readers suggesting places to visit and we found The Hot Spot Family restaurant from a follower!

It took us about 45 minutes to get from Geneva to The Hot Spot but we found it pretty easily. It reminded me of a log cabin. When walking in you are greeted with an ‘old school’ diner set up with the counter and stools but there is a room off to the left with traditional tables. We grabbed a window seat at the tables and I noticed the pretty cool chalk board listing specials, desserts, and wings. I just wish they would draw chalk art of the different specials to add some flair to it.

We were asked for drinks (they have Coke AND Pepsi products so I was happy to get my Diet Coke!) and we ordered an appetizer- the stuffed spuds. I thought this would be more of a traditional potato skin but it was deep fried. My brother liked them but I’m not really a deep fried friend.

I ordered a turkey club on wheat bread with the house chips. I had the option on getting it on a wrap or on toast. I should have ordered it on toast. I wanted to order something healthy and something that I know a lot of our local restaurants have on their menus. I really did like the club itself- there was a good amount of turkey on it. I just wish that I would have picked toast to give it a little crisp because the bread did get a bit soggy.

13015292_1819152611649260_6794402980766772513_nBecause I was STARING at the cool chalk board I HAD to get dessert. I chose the apple pie because it said homemade. You can get it warmed up or with ice cream. I chose not to do either for some reason but I did ask my server to heat it up and I really enjoyed a slice of the homemade apple pie.

Overall I would definitely suggest The Hot Spot to families in our county and those visiting from Pennsylvania because it is very close to the border- like feet away. I would love to see how breakfast is in the morning here. I hope you get to try it out!


2 thoughts on “The Hot Spot Family Restaurant

    1. Berry- Thanks for reading! I’m not sure where you are coming from but their address is 6497 State Route 85 Andover, Ohio. You should get off Rt. 11 at the Andover/Chardon (Rt. 6) exit and continue East until you hit the square in Andover. Continue around the square until Rt. 85 sign and continue that way for a few miles. You will pass the McDonalds, Covered Bridge Pizza, and the Andover Bank headquarters. It will be on your left.


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