2016 · Ashtabula · Geneva · Pizza

Luigi’s Pizzeria

Growing up in Geneva, we have always been accustomed to having your chain pizza restaurants, but what we lacked (besides Capo’s Pizza) was a small, local pizza shop. Well a few months ago that all changed, enter: Luigi’s Pizzeria! At first I was kind of hesitant to try out a new pizza shop, based off of bad experiences while in college. One day however, a man approached me in the Giant Eagle parking lot about the new pizza joint, and gave me a menu. When I got home I showed my parents, and a few days later we decided to give it a shot.

The first pie that we ordered from Luigi’s was a simple pepperoni pizza. Let me tell you, from the very first bite, I was in pizza heaven. The sauce was on the sweet side, which I understand some people may not like, but the taste was so amazing that it has kept us going back time and time again. One of our favorite deals to get is a large sheet pizza, wings, mini tacos, and a two liter of pop for a very good deal! Luigi’s is an amazing pizza shop that the city of Geneva definitely needed.

Luigi's 3One of my favorite choices from Luigi’s is their white pizza with chicken and bacon on it. This pizza is absolutely mouth watering. If I knew there would not be any downside of eating this pizza every day, I for sure would! The chicken and bacon is a natural combination that will always go perfectly together on any pizza type. Also, the sauce on this pie is amazing in many ways, throw a little parmesan cheese on it and you are all set!

Also, I know that Kari too enjoys ordering from Luigi’s with Tristan, and honestly I do not blame them. She has also ordered the Nacho’s WOW and the quesadillas and enjoys both of these choices.

Great pizza for affordable prices right in the heart of Geneva. Please be aware if you pay for your order with a card they charge a .25 cent fee. Kari was finally told after a few visits.

Luigi’s also has a location in Ashtabula, so make sure you check them out as well! If you remember Culinary Wizards in Geneva these are the same owners- they even have ‘The Boot’ sandwhich which is from that menu.


From what we can tell, Luigi’s is not on social media, nor do they have a website, but you can reach them at 440-466-8111.

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