2016 · Ashtabula Harbor · Bridge Street · Restaurant Week

Ashtabula Harbor Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week Winter style is headed for the Ashtabula Harbor January 18th through 24th. My boyfriend and I visited Rennick Meat Market for the summer restaurant week and loved it and are excited for visit some more places during the winter week! I was able to hear from Jennifer Pociask, co-owner of Rennick Meat Market and one of the leads for the Ashtabula Harbor Restaurant Week!

How did restaurant week come to take shape?

Having worked in New York and Miami, Alex and I have experienced Restaurant Week. Once we moved out here and opened Rennick Meat Market and experienced the tight knit community in the harbor, I had the dream of having Restaurant Week. Becoming a committee member of the Enhanced Funding Committee on the Lift Bridge Community Association, I saw it as an opportunity. All of the restaurant owners were very excited about it and it got rave reviews this past fall. We hope to do it twice a year, one winter and one late summer/fall.

Why should people come to restaurant week?

To support all of the local businesses on Bridge Street and in the harbor! As well as the Lift Bridge Community Association.  Also to try something different. A lot of the restaurants have put some pretty unique items on their menus.

What sets a part Ashtabula Harbor restaurants?

We all work together as a team, almost like a happy little family. The bigger we grow, the more of a destination we become. We rely on one another in order to survive and excel. It’s a completion, but in the most loving way possible, if that makes any sense. We are also all small companies that are all owner operated.

How does Restaurant Week benefit restaurant owners?

The owners get the chance to challenge themselves and their team by creating a menu outside of what they normally do. For example, working with an item that we have never worked with before or using a cooking technique that is new to the restaurant. It’s about teaching our team and Ashtabula new and exciting things about cuisine. We also get a chance to give back to the Lift Bridge Community Association by donating 10% of all Restaurant Week menus sold.

How does Restaurant Week benefit customers?

The guests have an opportunity to try new restaurants if they have never been or try new and unique items at restaurants that they frequent.

How can a customer make a reservation?

This varies for all of the restaurants involved. I recommend calling each restaurant to see who does in fact take reservations and who does walk-ins only. Rennick Meat Market and Bascule Bridge Grill definitely take reservations. Phone is the obvious way to make them, but we have done them via email and Facebook as well.

When should I make a reservation?

Reservations are always recommended.

Are tips included in the price?

Tips are not included.

Are beverages included in the price?

Beverages are not included.

Are regular menus offered during Restaurant Week?

Yes. Guests have the choice of ordering off of the regular menus and the Restaurant Week menus.

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To find out more about the Ashtabula Harbor Restaurant Week and find out participating restaurants check out their Facebook page here!

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