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Briquettes Smokehouse

WOW- what a great response we are getting from you all! Over 1,000 LIKES on Facebook and a lot of sharing, commenting, and engagement with our page is so exciting! From a small idea on a random Thursday night to all of this! I couldn’t be happier with everything. So I thank you for your patience while we took a break. As always, send us any places we should check out or if you would like to guest blog with us!

10518685_1768278193403369_6890613934807546533_nToday’s post is about the newly reopened BRIQUETTES SMOKEHOUSE! First you’ll get Kari’s take then Tylers! At the end check out the really cool and interactive 360* video by The Raabit! Enjoy!


I’ve been wanting to take my boyfriend, Tristan, and my brother Tyler to Briquettes ever since we started this blog. We did a lot of other stops along the way, as you know, but then we heard about Briquettes moving locations and we resisted the urge to visit until we could visit the new location. This was the hardest part, if you follow Briquettes you know their open date was delayed and it wasn’t their choice. So when they FINALLY opened THREE days before Tristan’s birthday, we knew we must go!

We walked up to Briquettes and honestly, I can not wait until the summer. They12321170_1768278236736698_8534740340698311926_n have a beautiful brick patio- I can’t imagine what summer will be like there while facing the beautiful Ashtabula Harbor. The new multi- level building gives Briquettes the opportunity to host more people and give a new feel to the atmosphere. The main floor just had a few tables but a great view of the kitchen (I love that site) and a smaller bar area. On the second floor, which you can access it from the Hulbert Street parking lot, is a gorgeous bar with an even better view of the Lift Bridge. The third floor is the banquet room. Its seats 50-60 people and can be reserved by e-mailing Nate (the owner). This view is going to amazing while you have a small get together.

10255014_1768278336736688_4930399063677362729_nSo on to the food…Briquettes is an authentic southern style barbecue restaurant. The menu offers ‘starters’ which includes things like Smokey Chicken Wings to Crab Cakes to Mississippi Caviar for the vegetarian. They have the BBQ on a Bun section where you can get your BBQ….on a bun. My meal usually comes from Briquettes’ entree section- two meat combo. Honestly it never disappoints and you get to pick your own sauces, I usually try all the non-spicy sauces by putting them all in different sections. 

Go. Tonight. Go often. (But don’t go the 16th…I heard they are closed).



1459664_1768278303403358_646703687012880134_nLiving in Ashtabula County my whole life, it kind of felt like a sin having not gone to Briquettes in my 22 years of existence. I was glad that I was finally able to say that I have been, and oh mighty, was the food delicious.

Another reason why I was so excited to try it out was being able to see the new location! My favorite part may have been the second floor, which featured a large bar, and plenty of seating for more patrons. Everything seemed top of the line, but did not make you feel uncomfortable. I hope to be able to get back soon to eat on the second12392035_1768278270070028_5427574373239664408_n floor and grab a beer.

Now, the more important part of this post: the food. Barbecue is quite easily my favorite type of food. There is nothing like smokey, saucy, sweetness all in one bite, like you get out of good barbecue. The dish that I chose for my meal was the two meat combo (mind you, Briquettes had a limited menu at the time). For my two meats I chose the brisket and the pulled pork. For my sides I chose mac and cheese as well as the baked beans. I know that this may be something so simple to say, but the food was amazing. To start, the pulled pork had a very nice smokey sweetness to it that was like none other. The brisket packed all the smokey flavor that brisket should. To top it off you could use any of the several types of barbecue sauces that Briquettes provides. My personal favorite kind of barbecue sauce is sweeter, so that is what I chose to top my meat. The side dishes were also amazing! Mac and cheese is one of my all time favorites, and this 12391784_1768278253403363_2475450168932265610_nhomemade treat certainly did the trick for me.

Overall I had an amazing experience at Briquettes! I plan on getting back there soon to try out their full menu. We seriously suggest that you check Briquettes out as soon as possible. It is a perfect place for family, friends, or just going out for a drink. We also cannot wait to see what they do during warmer days, right outside the building. Check out Briquettes tonight, and let us know what you thought!



(If you are trying to watch the video on mobile, it will not work but you can view it here.)

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