Old Mill Winery

Old Mill 4

I would like to start off this blog by saying we apologize for the delay between blog posts. Between my job search and Kari’s new job, there has not been a lot time for us to get out and try new places. But, nonetheless we are back. We hope to keep you in the loop on what is going on in the Ashtabula County culinary world. My post today has to deal with Old Mill Winery!



My parents, girlfriend, and myself decided we wanted to go out for dinner on Friday night, so we decided to go to Old Mill (it had been a long time since I was there last). When we arrived there was a local band playing music, so the atmosphere was very lively. We got our seats right away and got to looking at the menu. My dad, girlfriend Stephanie, and myself all decided on burgers. Stephanie got the Wineburger, while my dad and I both got the loaded wineburger (I upgraded my chips to sweet potato fries). My mother decided on a buffalo chicken wrap .


When we got our fooOld Mill 3d, I knew I was in burger heaven. Just in the first bite I knew I was going to enjoy every bit. The juiciness of the burger along with the salty sweetness of the bacon was just a perfect combination. You could also taste the wine fusion into the burger. This is the only restaurant I know of that uses wine on their burgers (I could just be mistaken though). The sweet potato fries were some of the best I have ever had, which came with a brown sugar butter to dip them in.



Everyone else enjoyed their meals a lot as well. Altogether we had an amazing experience at Old Mill Winery and would love to go back sometime in the near future, even if it is just for a glass of wine!

Old Mill 1Old Mill 2








(Remember, if you would like to guest blog or have any recommendations on where to go, please email us at eatinginashtabula@gmail.com)





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