2015 · Burgers · Conneaut

Guest Blog – White Turkey

One of the goals of this project was to get other citizens of Ashtabula County involved by way of guest blogs. We were pleased to hear from Ronny Woodburn about interest in the project. Take a look at Ronny’s love of White Turkey Drive-In! (Make sure to hurry as they close on Monday, September 7th!)

Every year in Ashtabula I get excited for summer to come around for many reasons, trips to the beach, all of the festivals that are put on, and the opening of the seasonal restaurants, one of which is the White Turkey Drive-In located in Conneaut, OH.

Just a few minutes away from the Pennsylvania state line, you might not know it was there if you weren’t looking; but, it is definitely worth a stop. The entire atmosphere of the White Turkey feels like a trip back in time to the 70’s where you can forget about the burden of today’s world and get lost in the classic songs that happily play. You can even pick what songs you want to hear on the quarter jukeboxes that they have placed around the main counter.

The main dining area of the White Turkey is a little small, having two sides of the counters designated for seating. If you manage to snag one of these seats, you can interact with the friendly employees who are always flashing their biggest grins. However, if you don’t want to sit at the counters you can have a seat in the beautifully landscaped back portion. Sitting here on one of the plentiful picnic tables feels like you’ve just entered a botanical garden; it’s hard not to admire how well they made it look.

The main reason I get excited for the White Turkey each summer is because of the food they serve. Known for their turkey sandwiches, each bite is the ultimate delight to the taste buds. The shredded turkey that they use is always nice and flavorful, and they always salt the buns of their sandwiches, giving it an extra something special. Every time I go I get a sandwich called the “Large Marge” which is the turkey sandwich with cheese and bacon added to it, just to make it even tastier. If turkey sandwiches aren’t your thing, don’t sweat, they also have burgers, Smith’s famous hot dogs, and fish sandwiches as well.

No sandwich is complete without fries or onion rings on the side, right? Both the crinkle cut fries and the onion rings are cooked to perfection, and it makes it hard for me to choose which one to get (so I normally end up getting both!)

The White Turkey is also known for its famous Richardson root beer floats. The Richardson root beer is probably the best root beer that I have had, it’s hard to explain, but there is something about the flavor that is so smooth and delicious that you will want more than one glass. The root beer comes in a frosted glass to keep things cool, and making it a float will is something that you simply cannot pass up on. I also recommend the Black Cow milkshake, which is a root beer milkshake made with the Richardson root beer.

Sadly, as this summer is now coming to an end, the White Turkey will be closing after Labor Day. I plan on heading out to Conneaut to get one last Large Marge until next season, because no summer is complete without the White Turkey.


I’m Ronny Woodburn, a recent graduate of Baldwin Wallace University, former roommate of Tyler, and current favorite of both Tyler and Kari. My favorite types of food are Italian, Mexican, and any type of desert.

I’ve lived in Ashtabula for almost my entire life, and have always said that this county has the best places to eat. I’m happy that I can help add to the exposure of these fantastic restaurants, and am thankful to be given the opportunity.



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