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Local Food on Lake

Last night Tristan and I had the privilege to attend the first ‘Local Food on the Lake’ event sponsored by the Ashtabula Local Food Council. This was ALFC’s first benefit dinner and the proceeds from the dinner and silent auction benefit the ALFC in its efforts to promote local food, local growers, and county Farmers Markets.

The dinner was held at Crosswinds Grille in Geneva-on-the-Lake. It was a perfect setting as you could sit on the lawn or down by the water. Crosswinds was a perfect location to have this event on the lake and it was a perfect night for it as well!

The amazing menu was prepared by Chefs Nate Fagnilli (Crosswinds Grille), Nate Rockwell (Briquettes Smokehouse), Michael Lorah (Pairings Ohio), and John Senger (Bascule Bridge Grille).

2015-09-01 18.06.07We checked in with the ACLF table where we received our tickets as well as a schedule of the night and a list of the silent auction sponsors. After this we headed down to Crosswinds bar and picked up beer, wine, and water and headed back to find a seat. We found a nice table under an umbrella on the lawn by the music…and food. A few others joined us- it was nice getting to chat with them and tell them about Eating in Ashtabula! Larry and Cassie- if you are reading, thank you for finding us and I did in fact win the auction item I was after!! Larry and Cassie are great people who I enjoyed meeting and having great conversation with throughout the night.

The evening started off with appetizers which had an assortment of cheeses,2015-09-01 18.23.33-1 meats, crackers, and fruit. I’m a big fan of cheese so you know what I had on my

The chefs prepared an amazing local BBQ dinner with pulled pork, hamburgers, and various BBQ sides. I tried a little bit of everything because why not, right? From the different types of vegetables, to the potato salad, to the meats- everything was perfect! I loved the BBQ sauce they had there- not sure exactly what it was though.  Dinner lasted quite some time because of the amount of people there were. We were some of the first people to get our food and when we were done there will still more people in line waiting to get their own. We assured them all it was a fantastic meal and worth their wait.

2015-09-01 19.27.59We were able to enjoy music, the sunset, and great conversation. While we waiting we looked at the different silent auction items. We picked one that we really wanted, the Pork Package from Havenwood Farm. This basket includes  pork chops, bacon, breakfast sausage, one dozen eggs, and a jar of jam. Havenwood Farm in located in Dorest. I am happy to say we are now the proud owners of that gift basket! We can’t wait to receive this basket!! I kept making sure we were going to win it- it came close but at the end I was able to add the last bid!

Lastly on the menu was dessert. The chefs brought out two choices- a peach cobbler with ice cream and apple crisp. It was a hard choice between the two but I was told I could have both…so I did. I sat down a few steps. By this time I was actually alone because of everyone’s schedules but it was nice to relax, enjoy a great dessert, reflect on the night, and listen to the beautiful Lake Erie.2015-09-01 20.53.18-1

I do not want to leave the local farmers out that helped to prepare the food.  The entire theme of the night was to celebrate local foods and it was all possible by these local farmers and the chefs.

Below you will find information on the different places as well as links to their sites (this information was found on the ALFCwebsite):

  • Ohio Heritage Farm: Donated a whole pig to the dinner. The chefs used it for pulled pork and porchetta. Ohio Heritage Farm is located in Saybrook, Ohio and in addition to their pork, they also grow a huge selection of fresh produce, beef, and poultry.  The Forinash Family strives for low-impact and sustainable growing practices, and the result is a product that tastes amazing.  Ohio Heritage Farm operates a CSA and sells at the weekly Geneva and Ashtabula Farmers Markets.
  • Marshy Meadows Farm: Donated ground beef to the dinner. The chefs will use it for hamburgers. Marshy Meadows Farm is located in Windsor, Ohio and produces top-quality grass-fed beef.  The farm is certified organic, and the beef is certified grass-fed.  Grass-fed beef is higher in omega-3s, leaner, and with an unmistakable flavor that can only come from grass.  Mother-daughter farmers, Marge and Mardy Townsend, work not only to produce sustainable beef, but to create a sanctuary for meadowlark and bobolink on their farm.  Marshy Meadows Farm is an OEFFA-certified organic farm.

Produce Growers:

  • AEA Pure Dawn Farm is a certified organic farm located in Orwell, Ohio. The farm relies on permaculture principles to grow healthy, sustainable food.
  • Lorraine Greenhouse is a vegetable and herb farm located in Dorset, Ohio. B. Lorraine sells at the weekly Pierpont Farmers Market.
  • Cloverside Farms is a vegetable and herb farm in Jefferson, Ohio. Cloverside uses organic practices to produce pears, apples, herbs, greens and other vegetables.
  • Farm 153 is a sustainable vegetable farm in Dorset, Ohio.
  • Foul Mouth Farm is located in Jefferson, Ohio. Produce is available at Jefferson Farmers Market on Saturdays.
  • Green City Growers Cooperative is a hydroponic greenhouse located in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Natural Excellence Farm & Gardens is an organic farm located in Orwell, Ohio. A keystone of their sustainable farming practices are the working Belgian horses.  Their produce is available at Howland Corners Farmers Market.
  • Octagon Acres is located in Conneaut, Ohio. Their produce can be purchased at Conneaut Farmers Market each Saturday, or via their CSA.

Cheese and Baked Goods:

  • Lucky Penny Farm is a century farmstead located in Kent, Ohio.  Their dairy goats provide rich, creamy milk that results in artisanal cheeses and candies.
  • Mayfield Road Creamery is located in Orwell, Ohio. Their cheeses are a testament to the local flavors of our region, with a range from Havarti to the beer-washed Siberian Night.
  • Havenwood Farm is a small family farmstead located in Dorset, Ohio. The farm produces pastured meats, preserves, fresh eggs, and baked goods.

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