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Compadres Express

Living in Ashtabula County, we always felt like there was something missing in our food world, a ‘fast-food’ burrito place. Well, that all changed once Compadres Express opened up in Geneva this summer. Instead of having to drive all to Mentor to get a ‘fast-food’ styled burrito, I now can drive five minutes down the road to get an amazing one.

Compadres Express is the fifth location for the company, also known as Los Compadres. With locations across northeastern Ohio, Compadres Express was the first of its kind. Located on 534 in Geneva in the plaza right next to Giant Eagle, Compadres Express should be a must-stop destination on your next trip to Geneva!

My recent food obsession has become chorizo. I love the combination of salty and spicy in my food, so chorizo always does the trick for me. My typical choice when I go to Compadres is a burrito (duh), with rice, pinto beans, queso cheese (costs extra but worth it), carnitas and chorizo for my meat (also costs extra for double meat), corn salsa, and cheese. What I love about the combination of carnitas and chorizo is that the sweet taste of the pork goes together perfectly with the salty/spicy flavor of the chorizo.

from from Connect 534

Kari loves tacos so she especially loves the 3 taco meal they have. She gets chicken as well as that great queso cheese. She recently told me she tried the chori-pollo (lunch version) and loved it. You get chicken and chorizo along with rice and beans. You get 2 small tortillas as well. Kari is a huge fan of Compadres Express and gets slightly embarrassed on how much she visits.

With every food purchase, you get a free bag of chips and their amazing salsa. A trip to Compadres Express is a must for families all across Ashtabula County. One nice thing is that they are open everyday from 11m – 9pm. I would suggest going there as soon as possible if you are visiting the area!

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