2015 · Ashtabula Harbor · Bridge Street

Rennick Meat Market

1888561_666395660088106_1234233169_nRennick Meat Market, is a butcher-inspired American restaurant specializing in steak, signature burgers, and fresh homemade pastas. I heard of Rennick’s from our good friends, Mariella and Anthony. They told us about Rennick’s amazing brunch and we took the leap and visited the Ashtabula Harbor to check them out. Anthony is quite a foodie so I always trust his suggestions!

They did not disappoint. I love brunch…not sure if that’s the typical-20 something in me talking but I love it (I love breakfast foods and an excuse to have coffee and a mimosa in the same meal has me loving brunch).  Each time I’ve stopped for brunch I get their Eggs Benedict. I am in love with it. I could go for it right now actually. Tristan has changed it up and he’s ordered the Short Rib Hash and Steak and Eggs- both really good…the steak was perfection! They have French pressed coffee which we always order. Another Sunday we were down with our friends Tim and Ashley to see the Columbus ships that were docked in the Harbor and we stopped in the Rennick’s. I got the pierogi small plate- I loooooove a good pierogi and these were SO good. The beet relish was a great add on.

Some sides we have had are: the Double Smoked Bacon, which was so good but again I’m biased because I love bacon; the herbed potatoes, which were a great addition to have with my Eggs Benedict; and the toast…which you should get because there is something about this toast that makes it fantastic! Once, we eyed a kids waffle…the 4 of us almost got it for dessert. Next time. This is one of our favorite spots to go…maybe I can convince Tristan to go this weekend?

So we’ve been there a bunch of times for brunch but not for dinner. That changed with Ashtabula Harbor’s inaugural Restaurant Week. Eight restaurants located in the Harbor featured menu’s to showcase this week. We only have one opportunity to go and we made it to Rennick’s.  They offered 2 appetizers, the mezze platter and the tapas platter; 2 entrees, the smorgasbord and the picnic plate; and dessert, which featured all 3 selections. Tristan and I both picked the mezze platter and the picnic plate for our meals and to our surprise you got all 3 desserts (score). The buttermilk friend chicken and the KC ribs were standouts to my stomach. If you missed Restaurant Week you must make it a priority to go next year. I’m really excited because Tristan loved the falafel on the mezze platter so it means we can venture to other type of restaurants that could serve them!

Owners, Jennifer and Alex, came from New York City.  Alex worked at a restaurant on the Upper West Side of Manhattan not too far from where I lived (yes, I lived in NYC). Rennick was influenced by its history as a butcher shop that was run by TJ Rennick in the late 1800s – early 1900s. You can see this by the different meat hooks they used (replicas…I’m hoping) hanging from the walls and old windows with the name on them. I love the wall paper in the back room as well as the wine (wood) cases behind the bar.

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