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Guest Blog Post – Laurello Vineyards

One of the goals of this project was to get other citizens of Ashtabula County involved by way of guest blogs. We were pleased to hear from David Thomas about interest in the project. This is the first guest post of many (hopefully). Take a look at David’s trip to Laurello Vineyards

unnamed (3)In moving back to Ashtabula County after graduating college in Virginia, I have been active in exploring our community’s amenities-especially the amazing food culture we have. Of course in our area, that means visiting our county’s roughly 20 wineries. I have made it to several and have enjoyed my experience at every one! I have especially liked the few wineries that regularly have food in addition to the traditional meat and cheese plates and the like.

One of these is Laurello Winery, on State Route 307 right on the Austinburg Harpersfield Township border and not far at all from Grand River Academy where I live and work. Living so close to Laurello’s, I had been wanting to visit and try their food selection and wine and got my chance this past Thursday. Their menu boasts oven-baked flatbread pizzas, Eggplant Caponata, a variety of salads, and some tasty looking paninis in addition to your traditional winery eats.

I was excited to try one of their pizzas and an appetizer but As I soon discovered, every Thursday owners Larry and Kim Laurello have a special for dinner. Their “Dinner for the Cure” is a different special dish each week with all proceeds going to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. They have already raised $8,200 in 2015!

As you walk in, Laurello’s has a beautiful opening room with an assortment of family and winery pictures, a welcoming bar, and what I imagine to be a beautiful fire place during the winter months. Their special dish that night was a Roasted Vegetable Panini. Although I am definitely a guy who follows the more meat is better approach to sandwiches, at only $8.95 and for a good cause-I wanted to try it.

With my glass of their classic Naso Rosso, a semi-sweet red, I made my way to their back patio. If you’ve never been to Laurello’s, I would highly recommend sitting outside. The day was sunny, breezy, and just the perfect atmosphere for outside dinning. They have two Bocci Ball courts which I imagine are very busy over the weekends but provided an excellent backdrop to sit and observe with their flower beds and rustic barns. There’s a stage area for bands as well, I can imagine how nice a Saturday evening would be here with entertainment, a good crowd, and their excellent food.

The sandwich came a short while later, and I must admit even though there wasn’t any meat, it was very filling. For a panini they stuffed a good bit of eggplant, peppers, mushrooms, and many other grilled veggies. For a dinner meal, it hit the spot and would have been perfect during a weekend visit as well. Even though I missed out on their flatbread pizza, I’ll definitely be having one the next time I visit!

The atmosphere of a relaxing winery at Laurello’s paired with a food menu that can serve for both a nice dinner or a wine tasting addition makes this a great place to visit for dinner, a weekend afternoon, or anytime.

About David:

FB_IMG_1438119917123Thank you to Kari and Tyler for letting me share my experience with you! My name is David Thomas and my favorite food is by far my Italian grandmother and mother’s homemade cooking, but a good traditional American restaurant goes a long way​ to making me happy!

I’ve lived in Ashtabula my whole life outside of my recently completed 4 years in college in Virginia, but I am very happy to be back North again! I am currently working for Grand River Academy in Austinburg doing Alumni Affairs and Admissions for my alma mater of 2011.

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