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Pairings, Ohio’s Wine and Culinary Experience

Photo via Pairings Facebook
Photo via Pairings Facebook

Pairings, Ohio’s Wine and Culinary Experience is an interesting project taking form in our hometown of Geneva. In 2008, a group of business and civic community leaders began meeting to discuss opportunities for encouraging economic and community development in Geneva. With the growing wine and agricultural industries, as well as their strong respective histories, the committee quickly determined the focus of their efforts.

With national, regional, and local trends all indicating an increase in the popularity of wine and culinary tourism, the vision of creating a wine and culinary center was born. The first phase of the entire Wine & Culinary Experience opened its doors on June 22, 2014.

We stopped in to Pairings for a quick lunch meeting not too long ago. Pairings just recently opened its doors for lunch. Their lunch menu showcases the best local & regional produce and ingredients of each season. In house chef, Chef Michael, creates your food right there in front of you.

Tyler chose the Chicken Parmesan Club and opted for the Creamy Pasta Salad with Garden Vegetables (my doing really) instead of the chips. I selected the Simply Pairings Salad and added grilled chicken and the creamy blue cheese dressing. We both really enjoyed our meals and the freshness of the food. Pairings is now in the location where Tyler and I went to elementary school. As we were eating lunch we realized it was very close to where we once ate lunch growing up, the dining area of pairings sits a bit south now.

Pairings also offers seasonal wine releases representing vintners across the state of Ohio. I love their map of Ohio that shows where the different wines are from (where can I get my own). Aside from the wine selection, Pairings offers local goods like Gathering’s wine jellies, chocolates from the Buckeye Chocolate Company, and Bissel Maple Farm goods. Pairings also offer educational classes and other fun, unique events (including a comedy night that I went to during the winter).

I want to head to a painting class at Pairings soon. If you are local I would suggest stopping by for lunch! It was a great fresh meal and I’m sure I will be back soon.

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