Tony’s Dog House


While giving my girlfriend a tour of the Ashtabula Harbor (she is not from Ashtabula County), we decided to stop by Tony’s Dog House. Tony’s Dog House is located on Lake Avenue in the Harbor, near the beach. Tony’s Dog House has always been a spot my family has talked about stopping by, but just never have. So I figured why not stop in for a bite to eat.

When we first walked up I was not sure what to expect from the appearance of Tony’s Dog House. When we walked in, I was pleasantly surprised. One of the first feelings I got was a very old-fashioned restaurant. With a bar the goes all the way around the room, patrons of all ages will enjoy Tony’s Dog House. There were also tables all around the bar area, so that was very nice as well.

When looking at the menu, a lot stood out to me. From hot dogs (of course) to steak sandwiches or fish, Tony’s has it all. I was torn between a hot dog and a steak sandwich. Being as it was my first time, I decided to go with a hot dog. On the hot dogs, there are multiple items to choose from, I got nacho cheese and bacon bits on mine. My girlfriend got a corndog with nacho cheese, and we split a “small” (I use quotations because this was not a normal small) order of ribbon fries (with vinegary of course).

The food was amazing. It lived up to and passed all expectations that I had going into the day. The cheese and bacon compliment each other so well. The ribbon fries were also pretty solid.

One of my favorite moments of the visit however, was when the owner of the restaurant came up and spoke with us. He told us a little about the history of the restaurant, and made me feel like we were on the same level, he treated me like a human being. For that reason (as well as great food), I will be back to Tony’s Dog House in the ner future, and so should you!


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