2015 · Geneva-on-the-Lake · Wing Wednesday · Wings

Wing Night Wednesday! @ Sportsterz Bar and Grill


Tonight, “Wing Night Wednesday” takes a trip down to Geneva-on-the-Lake! Known quite well for being a “biker bar”, Sportsterz Bar and Grill is a hidden gem in the food world of Ashtabula County. The three top choices for food at Sportsterz are burgers, pizza, and the reason for tonight’s post: wings.

Sportsterz has a wooden front to the bar, right next door to Madsen Donuts, and has a full bar area with seating inside, as well as seating outside of the bar. In the back of the bar is a big stage where many concerts take place over the summer. Sportsterz is also a big spot for Geneva-on-the-Lake’s “Thunder On The Strip”. The atmosphere here is great, all of the bartenders are very friendly and welcoming, and so to are the patrons.

Wing night at Sportsterz features 35-cent wings! These wings can be either traditional wings or boneless, with tons of flavors to choose from. For my wings I got boneless BBQ wings as well as traditional spicy garlic. The spicy garlic wings have been my favorite for years now (whenever we would order UFC fights at our house we would buy several hundred wings from Sportsterz). The boneless wings are always great. Soaked in a sweet BBQ sauce, you can never really go wrong. What I was most excited about was to try the spicy garlic after several years of not having them. Instantly on the first bite, all of my memories came back. The taste of the wing was so rich, and then the warmth hit me. If you are a fan of spicy foods, Sportsterz is definitely the place for you to get some spicy wings. Also, an ice cold beer is always a must when having wings, my choice of the night was a Yuengling Lager.

I am definitely glad that I went back to Sportsterz for a wing night, and will probably be back down soon to try and nice juicy burger. Stop by on Wednesday nights (before 9 PM) to try the amazing wings Sportsterz serves up!

Website | Facebook | Thunder on the Strip


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