2015 · Ashtabula · Ashtabula Harbor · Bridge Street · Burgers

Grindhouse Gourmet Burgers

2015-07-07 19.37.51I’m not a huge burger person- give me pizza or some tacos and I’m set. However, a few weeks ago after visiting Rennick Meat Market for brunch (don’t worry there will be a post soon) my boyfriend and our friends roamed Bridge Street we stumbled upon the new Grindhouse Gourmet Burgers. The boys looked at the menu and were impressed. We knew we had to check it out.

We went on a Tuesday night for dinner. A Tuesday is not one to be a busy night right? Wrong. We drove by looking for a spot and there were people standing outside. I gave them a call to see about the wait- 35 minutes. We were amazed but we put our name down to hold a spot. So we drove around looking for a parking spot and relaxed until it was time to head in.

When you first walk in it’s pretty small. There is a bar and a TV in the front but to the right there are stairs that lead you to the dining area. It’s a pretty small dining area so I understand the wait- maybe no more than 50 people (not positive). The view is pretty great- you look out over the Harbor Lift Bridge (we made it around the time they lit it up). I enjoyed the small space for a more personal setting and the high, open ceilings allowed for more natural light.


My boyfriend, Tristan, and I were both pretty hungry. We decided on an appetizer. It was between the fries and the potato skins. The skins won. You can pick 3 specialized types- we got mac & cheese, twice baked, and the more traditional bacon & cheese! They were SO good. I would eat them again in a heartbeat. Tristan & I both liked the twice baked!

Now for our burgers we had a lot of choices- from BBQ bacon to Greek to Turkey and traditional we ended up getting the BBQ Bacon Burger (me) and the Grind House Patty Melt (Tristan). We both picked the beer battered fries plus a spicy ranch and avocado aioli dipping sauce. The burgers and fries came out, and I was impressed by the burger’s size! Huge! My burger was probably one of the best burgers I’ve had. I do wish the onion ring was smaller and there was more BBQ sauce! Tristan really liked his patty melt. Oh and I forgot to mention you can pick your bun, they even have gluten free- I got a multi-grain bun!

We were honestly too stuffed to get dessert even though we wanted to try their Not Your Father’s Root Beer Float (only beer I can drink) and the Corn Fritter with Bissel Maple Syrup! I think a trip just for apps and desserts is needed!

I really enjoyed my experience overall with Grindhouse Gourmet Burgers and I will be back!

Facebook | 1001 Bridge St., Ashtabula, Ohio 44041

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