2015 · Geneva · Winery · Wing Wednesday

Wing Night Wednesday! @ Deer’s Leap Winery

Starting tonight, we will be featuring “Wing Night Wednesday” blogs (now, it may not be every Wednesday due to number of wing joints in the county). Wings are a huge part of American food culture today, and can also be the cheapest, and best meals available. A great chicken wing is always a great time to bring family and friends together, and we hope you will take advantage of some of the locations that will be discussed.

Our first stop on “Wing Night Wednesday” takes place at Deers Leap Winery in Harpersfield, Ohio (just south of Route 90). A very nice winery which specializes in their own homemade wine, Deers Leap Winery features some of the best wings around. With plenty of choices, from dry rubs to actual sauces, you cannot go wrong. My personal favorite is the spicy ranch sauce. While you may think “I do not like too spicy of foods”, need not worry. The spicy ranch is barely spicy at all, but possesses a rich, creamy flavor that stands above the others (Kari can handle them!).

Some of the other personal favorites of friends and family are: honey mustard, barbecue, Cajun, and garlic parm. While I have not tried each and every type of wing myself, I have heard firsthand how good these wings are.

I would highly recommend stopping by Deers Leap Winery on Wednesday nights for wing night (buy one pound for $7.99 and get a pound free). A family friendly environment with some great food!

Find them online:

Deers Leap Winery Website | Facebook

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